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An initiative endorsed by Britain's leading industries & organisations
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STOP LITTER is a free to use, collaborative and educational initiative aimed at eliminating litter strewn from vehicles in Britain.

Participating businesses and organisations simply sign up to our free vehicle sticker scheme and are sent STOP LITTER badges to apply to the rear of their vehicle fleet.

If a member of the public sees any litter being dropped from that vehicle either by the driver, passengers or through loads or waste that is not properly covered or tied down, they simply file an anonymous report at

This automatically creates a "Littergram" of the incident which is sent to the participating business or organisation who will make their driver aware and provide them with our Driver Awareness Pack.

Working together, we can change behaviours and STOP LITTER in Britain.

Send a Littergram ...

Submit a report below and we'll issue a littergram to the respective organisation(s) for investigation.

Spot it.

If you witness a vehicle displaying a 'Stop Litter' sticker littering, please take note of the registration number and capture dashcam footage or a picture if it is safe to do so.

Report it.

Fill out the anonymous report form on the Stop Litter website to the best of your ability and attach any relevant images, videos, or evidence that you have.

Sort it.

We will send a Littergram to the responsible organisation so that they can notify their driver of the incident and provide them with our Driver Awareness Pack which is part of our behavioural change programme.

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